Safflower & Cinnamon
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This Tea Packet includes 25x0.8 gram sachet. One sachet can be used for up to half a liter of water. This herbal tea is a blend of plant flowers and bark with medicinal values to improve your general well being, making you feel strong from the inside. Historically, safflower is one of the most popularly used plants in traditional medicine. Safflower (carthamus tinctorius) helps to clear the liver and posses tonifying properties to promote general health. Cinnamon (cinnamomum tamala) is used to maintain good liver functions, clearing dampness and cold. It helps to detoxify the body. This herbal tea is a healthy beverage that does not contain harmful constituents such as caffeine or fats. Preperation: Pour boiling water onto the tea bag and allow to brew for a few minutes to get the best flavour and colour. Caution: Safflower may leave a yellow stain. Avoid Spillage


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